Silence (inner)

To be preserved

March 29th 2014
Even if you are exposed to the hustle and bustle of life, you must understand the importance of remaining silent in your inner being. You can achieve this by making a habit of studying the thoughts and feelings that pass through you. Several times a day, think to stop for a moment and analyse what is happening inside you, and as soon as you notice the slightest agitation, the slightest discord, do your best to put it right. Otherwise, when you want to meditate and do some real spiritual work, you will not be able to; there will always be something jarring, some commotion stopping you, and gradually, in the face of the difficulties you encounter, you will give up practising meditation, even though it is so beneficial. Inner silence is such a difficult state to achieve! You should think all day about preparing the right conditions for it. The first condition is to nurture only harmonious thoughts and feelings. As soon as you feel yourself becoming impatient, irritable, there is no point looking elsewhere for excuses or explanations: you have allowed disharmony to infiltrate you. So, do something about it!