Freedom (inner)

The only freedom worth acquiring

April 1st 2014
How often we hear it said that freedom is the most precious possession! And how much humans have struggled and continue to struggle to obtain it! Many have even sacrificed their life for it. But as soon as they are free, what do they do? It is as if their freedom weighs on them; they don’t know what to do with it. Now that they no longer have anyone or anything to fight against and there is no longer anything to stop them going where they like, doing what they like or expressing their opinions, they become bored, and in order to amuse themselves they place themselves in situations they cannot get out of. How often we have seen that! Freedom is a wonderful thing, but only on certain conditions. You want to be free? First ask yourself what you will do with this freedom. Of what use would it be to you to be able to come and go freely, if you are carrying around thoughts, feelings and desires that bind you hand and foot and will eventually cause you to take to your bed? The only freedom worth winning is inner freedom: that is what will allow you to discover the essential truths you need to give you direction and support you in life. All the wonders of heaven and earth are all around you, within you, but in order to see them and understand them you have to be free, inwardly free.