Four elements

We interact with them daily

April 3rd 2014
Daily life is a series of encounters to which we do not pay enough attention. What are breathing, eating, drinking, washing, receiving the sun’s light and warmth if not encounters with the four elements – earth, water, air and fire? Our whole existence is not only made up of these encounters but depends on them. Each day we make contact with the four elements: with the earth when we eat, with water when we drink and wash ourselves, with the air when we breathe, with fire when we light one, but also when we receive the sun’s light and warmth. The four elements are not just the natural forces we see on display on the rare occasions that phenomena such as earthquakes, storms, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions occur. They are a part of the most day-to-day events of our life, so every day we can consciously interact with them.