Morality (sexual)

Endeavouring to spiritualize love

April 4th 2014
Each person has to make up their own mind on the question of sexuality. Wanting to impose the same rules on everyone in the name of morality is unreasonable, because the same discipline that leads some to true spiritual awakening may lead others into hysteria and neurosis. Humans do not all have the same needs, and anyone who does not take account of this fact is likely to find themselves preaching in the wilderness or inflicting pointless torments on others. That does not mean, of course, that people should not make any efforts. On the contrary, each person must make efforts at their own level to control sexual force, so that they can experience their love in a more poetic and spiritual way. The act of love in itself is neither good nor bad; it will only be what you make it. If you work on yourself to become purer, more enlightened and nobler, this act will be the source of all blessings both for you and for the person you come together with. True love must make the person you love stronger and greater. When you see him or her blossoming because of your love, you will know what true joy is.