Attacks (psychic)

We resist them by purifying our own matter

April 7th 2014
At first sight, what is fine, delicate and subtle does not seem capable of resisting attack. But look at what happens in the different kingdoms of nature. Stones may seem to be the most resistant, but actually plants, thanks to the currents of life moving through them, know how to defend themselves better than stones, since they are alive, and animals even better than plants, since they are able to move about. As for humans, even though they are vulnerable on the physical plane, they all have the capacity on the psychic plane to escape difficult conditions. When they have learned to make use of their mind to work on their own matter, to refine and purify it, they will no longer be so much at the mercy of circumstances or of harmful forces and entities from the invisible world. High on the scale of beings are creatures that have purified their own matter and intensified their life to such a degree they have become elusive: they can be neither captured nor limited. And beyond all these creatures is God, the Creator, who is absolutely elusive, so much so that we cannot even conceive of him.