Its basis: serving god in us

April 8th 2014
Somebody who enters the service of an employer, a boss, places themselves at the disposal of someone outside themselves and automatically loses some of their freedom. Whereas, somebody who places themselves in the service of God does not serve an external being. So, far from losing their freedom, the opposite is true: they gain it. That is the basis of true religion. As long as believers fail to understand that they must attempt to find and serve God in themselves they will have a false concept of him. And we should not be surprised if, for some, the idea of placing themselves in the service of a power somewhere out there and which may only be an imaginary creation appears absurd or intolerable. Serving God… This idea will only be correctly understood and accepted if humans realize that the Divine they wish to serve lives within their soul. The more they consecrate themselves to it, the more they draw closer to it and communicate with it. Thanks to their work, they are able to dissolve the accumulated dross created by their base thoughts, feelings and desires. In this way, little by little they discover the quintessence of their being, which is the quintessence of God himself.