Creation (spiritual and artistic)

They obey the same laws

April 9th 2014

The whole of civilization is nothing other than work on matter. But there are different kinds of matter, and the work humans do on external materials they can also do on their own psychic matter. All their instincts, desires, feelings and thoughts represent a substance which they have to work on intensely in order to purify and develop it. From one point of view you could say this is a creative work similar to artistic creation, since it obeys the same laws. The true work of creation is spiritual work, because it concerns the whole of our being. We project ourselves as high as possible to find an order, a structure, and to capture the purest particles, which will become part of the substance of our different bodies: our spiritual bodies, our psychic bodies and our physical body too. We must make this effort every moment of every day. Each day we add a more vibrant colour, a subtler form, a more harmonious sound.