Is more important than education

April 10th 2014
Even though it is essential for children and adolescents to study and gain qualifications, it has to be said that the formation of character is more important than the development of the intellect. For the most important thing is living, not being a doctor, lawyer, engineer or economist. And in order to live and face all the conditions of life, it is important to work on one’s character. Education is one thing and upbringing is another. More than scholarly teachers, the young need educators who will show them what life is and how they should live it, so that the strengths, qualities and gifts they possess may be expressed to the full. So long as the emphasis is placed not on formation of character but solely on the development of the intellect, the knowledge passed on to young people in schools and universities will be used only for personal success, and this success will often be achieved at the expense of others. But if they are also taught to work on their character and not to try to use their knowledge for their own interest, you will see beings emerge who are capable of advancing a whole society.