Presence (the inner)

Of loved ones is more important than their physical presence

April 12th 2014
Two people may never have touched each other even with their fingertips, and yet they feel a powerful, indestructible link between them. Nothing and no one can separate them. Despite walls, mountains and oceans, they are together, because their love goes beyond the limitations of the physical plane. You will no doubt have noticed that when you feel the subtle presence of a loved one, you do not necessarily need their physical presence to feel you are with them. If you strongly feel that you need their physical presence, it means you are moving out of your inner world, and then you are likely to meet with great suffering. For who is to say circumstances will not some day deprive you of the person you love? But if you feel their presence inside, outer circumstances will have less hold over you. This is a criterion: if you feel as much joy thinking of the person as when you see them, you are free, and this joy will never leave you.