Seeing each human lifetime as part of one

April 14th 2014
In the face of some human destinies, you may be tempted to say to yourself that such lifetimes make no sense. These people had the possibility to learn, to understand, to do something useful, but they seem to have learned nothing, understood nothing and done nothing, except make mistakes! Was there any point in their being alive? Well, that is very faulty reasoning. A person’s present lifetime is just one link in a long chain. If we are to understand what any man or woman is living during any one of their incarnations, it is important not to consider that incarnation in isolation, but to link it to all their past incarnations over centuries and millennia and, at the same time, to know that this lifetime will continue into the future. We are always mistaken about the meaning we assign to the present, if we do not see it as part of a continuum stretching from the distant past to an even more distant future. When we do not know what meaning to attribute to someone’s life, we should not say there is none; whoever they may be, we have no right to judge. Every life has meaning, and rather than giving our opinion on the lives of others, every one of us must try to bring more and more meaning to our own life in order to prepare our future.