Soul mate

Our divine half

April 15th 2014
Many men and women, even after repeated failures and disappointments, continue to stubbornly believe that it’s not that their understanding of love is at fault, only that they have still not met the person they are meant to meet,… the ideal being,… their soul mate. As if happiness depended on a miraculous meeting or coincidence! That really is not how things happen. You should know that a soul mate is not a man or woman you meet out of the blue and fall head over heels in love with. The meeting with your soul mate is first and foremost a psychic process, in which the higher part of your being attracts its complementary half. You need to have worked on yourself for a long time to be worthy of attracting your divine half, but when you have finally established the connection, you feel its presence, for it lives within you. Do you really want to meet your soul mate? Do not go looking for it, but concentrate on the light; it will come by itself, drawn by the glowing light it sees shining in you. You do not know where your soul mate is, but it knows where you are. Simply wait for it inside: it will come.