Food to be turned into gold

April 17th 2014
When spring arrives, we start to find nourishment in the rays of the rising sun, for light is the best of foods. And the pure air, the awakening earth, the surrounding trees, also nourish us, if we know how to cook them… Yes, cook them! With our thoughts and our love we can make delicious dishes from all these elements. Spiritual life is a kind of nutrition. It is the art of turning everything we receive from outside into wisdom, kindness, power and peace. We contribute to this change by first and foremost giving all our attention to the rising sun. Then, each time we come back to our daily activities, we feel replete, stronger and richer. Yes, richer, because the sunlight we have received is gold, etheric gold, and this gold is worth more than all the gold bars piled up in banks, for it brings us life.