Holding back the headlong march of time

April 19th 2014
When people can no long bear what they are experiencing in the present, they tend to project themselves into the future. But they gain nothing in doing so, for some day they will have to face facts: the future they thought they could take refuge in has no solid basis, and so what they find is emptiness and anxiety. Rather than dreaming about the future, they should start living today well – there are so many things to experience, to see, to appreciate, to think! But in order to live today well they must learn to no longer get carried away by the succession of events and the internal states these events create. They should take a break! You will say that life is a continual flow that cannot be stopped. This is true, but within this flow of time, you yourself can find a way to stop, to bring some inner order and attune yourself to more harmonious rhythms. And that is when you find out how necessary a practice meditation is. Meditating is a way of holding back the headlong march of time, allowing you to introduce a rhythm, peace and light that will make a long-lasting impression.