Getting the divine life to move through us

April 20th 2014
What is resurrection? It is the expression of a current of life passing through regions where illness and death had begun to set in physically or psychically. There are so many natural phenomena that can give us an idea of this process! Images of resurrection include not only the sprouting seed but also the chick hatching from its egg, particular animals waking from hibernation, the chrysalis transforming into a butterfly… And what about trees? They too come back to life in spring: all those black, bare branches become covered in leaves and flowers! That is also a resurrection. And why do they come back to life? Because they were not dead, because life is still present in them. All these natural phenomena are paralleled in humans too. Each day, both physically and psychically, humans die and rise again. When their life force has grown weak, they die; when their strength returns, they come back to life. It is as if they had new blood circulating in their veins. Only life, divine life, brings us back to life, and we must work to become full of this life.