The attitude they should have towards their leaders

April 22nd 2014
Even if sometimes there is plenty for which to criticize and mock a country’s leaders, this will in no way make them better or more competent. On the contrary, by harassing them with negative thoughts and feelings, not only do you not change anything, you also create conditions on an invisible level that cause them to make even more mistakes and to take decisions that are less and less enlightened for the country. If you want to really help your country, instead of forever cursing or ridiculing those who are at the head of it, send them light. You cannot help your whole country, as it is huge, but all you need to do is to help just one person – it’s easier. And because this one person is responsible for a great deal, he or she will in turn do good for everyone. When one person has been inspired, everyone benefits. A country’s citizens must eventually become aware of the links that exist between them and their leaders. It is not enough to demand this, complain about that and rebel if you don’t get your way. You have to learn the most effective methods for getting what you want without complicating the situation.