We know it truly only through our spiritual senses

April 25th 2014
Each morning we go to contemplate the sun, but we can only truly know what it is with a great deal of effort and patience. Even though it is there, shining, bright and dazzling, it does not reveal itself to us so easily, and our everyday preoccupations do not prepare us for seeing the subtle life our soul and spirit long for. But we have to persevere; we have to work for a long time on our spiritual senses before we understand that the Divine manifests through the sun and then commune with it. You think you know the sun… No, you will begin to know it when you feel a vibration in your solar plexus of such intensity that your whole being is nourished and quenched by it. Then like the sun you will be ready to pour out your warmth, light and life to the whole world. This is how the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – will become alive in you.