Its power for destruction

April 26th 2014
To make light of something they have said, people will often say it was just ‘hot air’. Speech is only air anyway, hot or not, but it has a terrible power for destruction. Materially, on the level of manifestation, human beings are limited: there are so many things they would like to achieve that are beyond their grasp! Whereas, with speech they achieve results it is impossible to get any other way. It is not so easy to ruin someone, wreck their career or get rid of them and their family, and even supposing it was possible, you would be bound to be tracked down and convicted. But it is easy to bandy words about and make innuendoes and insinuations! And usually people feel safe doing so. This is why it has been said that the spoken word is the weapon of the weak. How many tragedies have been caused by someone tossing a few words out, fully aware of the enormous damage their words would create as they spread by word of mouth! But you must never forget that speech was given to humans as a divine energy, and you must make every effort to use this energy for divine ends only.