Taste for life

Do not wait for illness or accidents to rediscover it

April 30th 2014
Over the years, most people lose their taste for things: they breathe, eat, drink, walk, see, hear, without being particularly conscious of what they are doing. You could say their senses have become dulled over time. But suppose they fall seriously ill; what happens then? For months they are forced to stay still, confined to one room, where they lead a vegetative life. Then at last, one day, they start to recover, and then suddenly they find great pleasure in food, air and light. And what a joy it is to be free once more to walk, to go out and gaze at the sky, the trees and the whole of nature, to listen to the wind and the birds singing! That is the positive side to certain illnesses. But does it make sense to wait for an accident or a serious illness before you recover your taste for things?