Which we make of others say something about us

May 2nd 2014
It is not generally good people who point out others’ dishonesty, unfairness or unkindness the most or who are the most mistrustful. On the contrary, it is those who have these failings themselves who continually spot them everywhere. Why? Because a vicious nature always tends to look at what is bad and nasty like itself. Those who possess great moral qualities are not so interested in the failings of those around them; sometimes they don’t even pay them any attention, and if they notice them in passing they do not dwell on them, as they tend to see others through the qualities they themselves possess. Each human being can see only through their own eyes, and it is their thoughts and feelings that determine what they see. If you meet people who talk to you only about the shortcomings and bad behaviour of others, know that, one way or another, they are revealing something about themselves first. If they possessed noble qualities, kindness, honesty, they would also discover these good qualities in others and would talk about those first.