Discomfort (psychological)

An exercise for freeing yourself from it

May 3rd 2014
A few years ago you suffered a setback, a disappointment, or were hurt by something someone said to you. You felt tormented by it for a long time, but now when you come to think back on it you realize you can barely remember it, as if it has all been erased. Since, with time, there is no trace of it left, it means it was not so very serious. So why not try to get rid as quickly as possible of everything that can make your day-to-day life darker? When an event or situation provokes sadness or anger in you, do not allow this state to last. Go out for a walk, for example, and say to yourself, ‘When I reach that tree (or that wall or some other landmark), I will no longer have this uncomfortable feeling.’ Go up to the tree or the wall with the certainty that you will then begin to feel free. When you reach it you will feel some clarity and sense of relief. This will certainly not be a total improvement, so choose another landmark further on, and proceed with the conviction that your discomfort will eventually disappear completely. Continue in this way until you feel really free of it. And begin again the following day if necessary. Whatever sadness or torment you may feel, it is most important that you do something about it. There is nothing worse than being passive.