‘they ate fire and drank light’

May 4th 2014
Earth, water, air and fire… The four elements that make up the matter of creation are also nourishment for humans. Each day they feed on earth and water, that is, on solid and liquid food, and the air they breathe also feeds them. As for fire, it is contained within these different forms of nourishment, but also in the sun’s warmth and light. Like all creatures, humans benefit from the sun’s warmth and light, but unconsciously. If they learned how to take them in consciously, this would be a source of extraordinary riches for them, for it is their true nourishment and the one they need the most, to sustain their life as well as their inspiration and joy. The sun is a food, and it is the best of foods. Why limit ourselves to earth, water and air? We have to learn to nourish ourselves with fire and light too, which is what we do at the sunrise. In the Zend Avesta it says that when Zoroaster asked the god Ahura Mazda what the first human beings fed on, the god replied, ‘They ate fire and drank light.’ So they drew on the life of the sun, which is fire and light.