Tuning in

In the morning to the heavenly beings

May 5th 2014
In the morning, when you wake up, before you think of anything else, tune into the heavenly beings, and tell them you want to be part of their harmony. Call on these creatures of light that inhabit space, concentrate on them, and imagine how beautiful, pure and full of love they are. If your wish is sincere, by means of the law of affinity you will succeed in contacting them. Something will happen inside you: your heart, mind, soul and spirit will resonate with the divine world. Your whole being will become a well-tuned instrument, and the harmony you will have managed to create will leave its mark on the day that is beginning. So many encounters and events in life are able to disturb you and make you lose your joy and peace! But whatever happens, you always have the power to harmonize with the heavenly beings, so that the harmony with which they fill space may come down to dwell in you.