Borrowed and acquired

May 7th 2014
Each day you go in search of new knowledge, and there are so many interesting things to see and hear! But also, each day, make a habit of devoting time to going deep inside yourself and exploring the realms of soul and spirit. The knowledge you gain in this way you will be able to take with you wherever you go, even to the next world – nothing will be able to take it from you. All the knowledge you have gained from outside, on the other hand, is never truly yours. When you leave this world you will have to leave it behind, and when you incarnate again you will be like a blank page and have to start again from the beginning. When each person is born, they bring back only what they have truly acquired and experienced in their other lives. Everything else has been removed, because it did not belong to them: it had been taken or borrowed from others. Of course, for the short time they are on earth, they take full advantage of what they have borrowed: they are complimented and applauded. But when they leave, they will keep only what they have truly embodied through exploring their inner world. And if they leave poor and naked, they will come back poor and naked.