Being conscious of what you communicate to others through them

May 8th 2014
From morning till night people meet and greet each other, but they usually do so mechanically and carelessly, even in families and couples. Look: when a husband, for example, goes off to work, he kisses his wife – ‘Goodbye, darling.’ ‘Goodbye, darling…’ But what is there in their kiss? Often nothing. They kiss out of habit. A minute later they have forgotten they kissed. So it wasn’t worth doing. If you kiss your husband or your wife, it should be in order to give support, something living. But what couple thinks of this? And now, after his day’s work, the husband returns home. It has been a difficult day; he is preoccupied, frustrated; nothing has gone as he had hoped. But again he kisses his wife, without realizing he is passing on to her some of the heavy, dark feeling he is carrying inside. And his wife, having taken it on, will unconsciously return it to him in some way or other. Yes, men and women in couples are constantly exchanging something, but what? It is not wrong to kiss, but you should at least always try to communicate something good to the person you are kissing.