Their familiarity with nature spirits

May 10th 2014
Beyond what we see lies a world we do not see and yet is just as real. This invisible world is inhabited by beings we call fairies, nature spirits. It can happen that children see these creatures. During their first few years they live in spontaneous contact with them. But if they speak about them to adults, especially their parents, the adults pay no attention or find their stories amusing. Then, because no one is taking them seriously, the children no longer say anything and even come to doubt what they experienced, until finally they forget it. Very young children possess a kind of clairvoyance, and if adults agreed to lend an ear to their stories they would make astonishing discoveries, which might allow them to recall experiences they had in their own childhood. Through their neglect they deprive themselves of something very precious. So pay attention to what a small child expresses, even one that is seemingly less awakened, for their spirit, which is not yet completely incarnate, senses what adults no longer see or sense. Children do not truly inhabit their physical body until they are seven years old. Until then they live partly outside their body, and this is why the spirits of the invisible world are familiar presences to them.