Source of universal love

May 12th 2014
The sun is the source of universal love. Each day it deposits living particles in all of nature, and we then receive these particles through contact with stones, plants, animals… and even our fellow humans. For men and women also possess some of the sun’s particles, but only very few, because they do not make the effort to attract them, and this is why the love they give one another cannot be fulfilling. True love is found in abundance in the sun, and that is where we must go to look for it. Those who have not learned how to rise to the source will find only tiny drops of dew condensed here and there on a few leaves and a few flowers, and that’s not much. There are certainly a few areas of a man’s or a woman’s body where a little love is to be found, but if that is the only place you look for it you will always be hungry and thirsty. To feel satisfied you must go to the source, to seek the immense love that pours forth for the whole of creation. Then, if you want to love a man or woman, do so, but to find fulfilment you must first go and drink from the source.