Aspirations (spiritual)

Always provide support

May 13th 2014
The material world and the spiritual world each offer us their riches; in neither case is it easy to acquire them, but the difficulties you experience will depend on which kind you are seeking. Those whose focus is material success, possessions, money or power but who do not achieve their aims feel their failure bitterly: not having obtained what they were hoping for, they feel frustrated, and often they bear a grudge against those who have succeeded where they themselves failed. Those who cherish spiritual needs, on the other hand, always feel supported, as if they were filled with a light that never leaves them. By aspiring to a higher life, they continually forge links with the divine world, and these links produce hidden vibrations within them. Even if they do not manage to fulfil all their aspirations, even if they feel so very small when faced with the immensity of their ideal, the powerful vibrations that animate their deeper being save them from being discouraged. This ideal is like a light that shows them the goal they have to reach and at the same time lights their way. And despite the obstacles, they feel that with every day they are growing closer to their heavenly homeland.