A disc, one face of which is love, the other wisdom

May 19th 2014
So many people say they are seeking the truth! While they may feel sorry they have not yet found it, they also feel proud they have embarked on such a difficult quest. Well, no, truth is not that difficult to find and can even be defined very simply. Let’s say it is like a disc, one face of which is love, the other wisdom. If you look for truth independently of love and wisdom, in other words, without developing the heart and mind, you will never find it. But as soon as you have love and wisdom, you also possess truth, even if you are not looking for it. You will never find truth as a principle alone: it exists only in those who know how to work with both heart and mind. If, at the moment, there are so many different, contradictory and conflicting truths in circulation throughout the world, it is because they reflect the distortions in human hearts and minds. Someone may say to you, ‘That’s the truth!’, when in reality it is their truth, and this truth is the expression of their own heart and mind, which could be either weak and deformed or robust and enlightened.