Trying to neutralize them rather than fight them

May 20th 2014
Your weaknesses and shortcomings are the result of bad habits you got into in your previous incarnations, and you think the best way to get rid of them is to work away furiously at them. Well, no, the best method is to neutralize them. How? By occupying yourself instead with what you can build for the future. Tell yourself, ‘Now, I am going to develop something new in myself’, and set to work each day with unshakeable faith and absolute conviction. Call on all the means God has given you – thought, feeling, imagination – and start forming the most beautiful images in your mind. Try to see yourself in poetry, music, light, in the perfection of forms, with all the qualities, gifts and virtues: kindness, generosity, the potential for supporting others and enlightening them. Then, see to it that these images inspire your actions and all your behaviour throughout the day. This luminous, perfect construction will, little by little, cover over the shortcomings and imperfections you brought back with you from the past.