Voice of silence

May 21st 2014
Only those who have been able to create some order within themselves, thanks to their knowledge of the spiritual truths, achieve true silence. And it is within this silence that the voice of their divine nature makes itself heard. There is a whole mystical tradition that makes mention of the ‘voice of silence’. How should we understand this expression? Silence obviously has no voice, but in the depths of silence a voice is heard: the voice of our divine nature. Meditation, prayer, as with all practices recommended by spiritual teachings, have only one goal: to silence our lower nature, so as to allow our higher nature ever greater possibilities for expression. Silence is therefore a state of consciousness, within which something mysterious and profound begins to be revealed. It is this ‘something’ that is called the voice of silence. Those who succeed in quietening everything within and even stopping their thoughts – for the movement of thought also creates noise – will hear this voice.