Resistance (inner)

Increases when we watch our behaviour

May 22nd 2014
Do this experiment: for at least a week do your best to behave with self-control, wisdom, kindness and generosity at every opportunity. After these few days, you will notice it is easier to face difficult situations that arise: you feel strengthened, as if you have received energies, as if a substance had been elaborated inside you, a subtle fluid nourishing the cells of your nervous system. As soon as you make an effort to improve your behaviour, an entire structure begins to be built and consolidated within you. It even astonishes you. You wonder how it is that you are able to put up with annoying things without complaining, when they previously filled you with anger or anxiety or brought on nervous exhaustion. And if you still get tired, unsettled or discouraged, it doesn’t last: after a prayer, a few moments of meditation, this energy very quickly sets to work again in you to restore everything.