Negative states

We ourselves attract them

May 4th 2011
Someone comes and confides in me that they are visited by unsettling thoughts and feelings, and they don’t understand why. The way they see it, it doesn’t make sense; it is not in their nature to have such thoughts and feelings; they are quite out of character and not related to their usual concerns! I say, ‘Are you sure? You may not see the reason for them, but those thoughts and feelings cannot be coming to you by chance. In some way or another you have provided the conditions for them; you have put the food out for them.’ If you put a bowl of milk on your windowsill, don’t be surprised if all the cats in the district turn up. If you just chase them away, it won’t help; remove the bowl of milk instead. Otherwise, the cats will say to you, ‘What are you complaining about? You attracted us with the milk.’ Do you feel invaded by particular negative states? Start by asking yourself what you have done to attract them, for you most certainly did.