Reservoir (cosmic)

From which thought has the power to draw invigorating energy

May 27th 2014
Feeling is one thing and thinking another, but too often what you are feeling colours your thoughts. You may feel exhausted – that’s quite normal – but what happens is the feeling triggers discouraging, sad thoughts. Well, no, at times like these, your feelings must not colour your thoughts. Your thoughts should act on your feelings: even if they cannot overcome them, make sure they are there, like a light, like a beacon in the distance, telling you that you will be able to recover. Then, despite your weariness and exhaustion, you must believe and follow your thoughts. Do you feel there isn’t a drop of energy left in your reservoir? Instead of getting discouraged, remind yourself that the cosmic reservoir is full, and use your thoughts to imagine you are drawing energy from it. For you can also use your thoughts in that way: after just a few drops drawn from this reservoir of energy, the flame in your lamp, which was starting to go out, will shine once more.