Being able to beat them without sinking to their level

May 28th 2014
Life is a school we attend to undergo a period of practical training, and in this school we don’t actually know who are teachers and who are pupils. Children and beggars may teach us, but also people who are hostile to us… yes, even and especially those people, as they are the ones who force us to make the most effort. Sometimes it would be quite easy to react to slanders and attacks, but not all ways of reacting are good. Those who answer back always run the risk of sinking to the level of their attackers and getting bogged down in the same mess. It is not wrong to retaliate, so long as you are able to maintain the high ground and not join in your opponents’ pettiness and spitefulness, because even if you apparently win, in reality you also lose a great deal. You have to display much intelligence and strength of character if you are to stand firm and defend yourself without employing the same weapons as your opponents! That is why our opponents are so useful for our evolution.