Sexual impulses

Only a spiritual ideal has the power to control them

May 29th 2014
The question of sexuality and how to control it is bound to arise some day for every man and woman, for even at a time of great freedom in this area it is not possible to give free rein to all one’s impulses. It is very difficult to fight sexual energy: not only will you not succeed in conquering it, it will end up flooring you. The only way to control it is to find an ally, a very powerful associate in the spiritual world to whom you can direct and dedicate this energy. This associate will transform it into health, beauty and light with the aid of alchemical knowledge. And who is this associate? A high ideal, a sublime idea, which you live with, cherish and nurture. Only an idea like this can transform this energy; you can’t. When you feel a sexual impulse you do not wish to give in to, if you concentrate on your ideal, this energy will rise up to your brain and feed it, and you will feel strengthened and inspired. Instead of flooring you, it will be of use to you and help in your self-development.