Beginnings and endings

How they interact

June 1st 2014
Whatever you undertake, endeavour to begin it well, because the way in which a process unfolds will depend on how you made your mark at the start. But you also have to consider that if you want to be able to start well, you must have finished the previous task correctly. This principle applies in all fields. So, when you begin something, make sure you maintain the same care and attention right to the end. And when you meet people for the first time and form new friendships, be vigilant then too, to ensure that what began with smiles, warm words, presents and kisses does not end in confrontation. On the physical plane you might think you have put an end to an enterprise or a relationship. It’s over, whether it was good or bad. But in the invisible nothing is ever over. The way you dealt with a matter will affect your future encounters and ventures.