It opens our intelligence and our heart

June 5th 2014
Each morning, the sun rises, full of life and vibrant, and sends its wealth of light, warmth and life out into space. And some people wonder why they remain insensible to it, as if there was a screen between them and the sun. Actually, there is a screen, because they have never seen the need to prepare themselves before appearing before the sun. If you lead your life any old how and think and feel whatever you want, you cannot hope the sun will reveal itself to you. You will simply feel as if you are in front of a large, shiny ball, and you will become bored very quickly. But if you prepare inwardly before going to meet the sun, you will understand not only that the sun is a dazzling world inhabited by highly evolved entities but also that thanks to the sun you can solve many problems and situations you had thought were inextricable. Yes, the sun can do more for us than give physical warmth and light: it can open our intelligence and our heart.