Holy spirit (the) or the heavenly fire

Preparing for it to descend upon us

June 8th 2014
The heavenly fire seeks out those beings who walk the path of purity, disinterestedness and sacrifice. It descends upon them but does not burn them: it sets them ablaze, so that they become sources of light. The divine fire has this special property of never destroying anything that is of the same nature as itself. When this fire enters a human being, it consumes only their impurities; pure matter remains intact and becomes luminous, being of the same vibration. The goal of our work is to attract this heavenly fire. In the knowledge that it comes only to a place that has been prepared for it, a place within us, we must seek tirelessly to purify and sanctify ourselves. In this way, with our thoughts, feelings and actions inspired daily by wisdom and love, we build a home of a luminous substance which the heavenly fire recognizes as being of its own quintessence and is irresistibly drawn to. In the Christian tradition this heavenly fire is called the Holy Spirit.