World beyond (in the)

Both criminals and saints continue to influence those on earth who are linked to them

June 9th 2014
It is important to know that, when criminals are executed, they are only removed from the physical level; in reality they continue to live on the subtle planes, for their soul still exists, and therefore their bad instincts do too. Once dead, these criminals go to the lower astral and mental planes, where they continue their evil ways by infiltrating the hearts and minds of those people on earth who are linked to them by having the same criminal nature. Through them they do all they can to further their own evil plans. In some ways they have even more opportunities for action than before their death since they are no longer limited by their physical body. And when the just, the saints and prophets – all those who placed themselves in the service of good, love and light – are murdered, the same phenomenon occurs. It is only their body that is destroyed, not their spirit. In the world beyond, they too continue to cherish the same convictions, the same desire to enlighten humans and set them free. So they pursue their work by infiltrating the heads and hearts of all those people in the world who are able to understand them and follow them. Their death does not stop their ideas from spreading.