The conditions for development that cosmic intelligence gives us

June 10th 2014
So many of the obstacles and difficulties we encounter in life are only there to make sure we take the only path where we can fulfil our predestination as sons and daughters of God! A great wisdom presides over all destinies, and we should accept this truth so as not to make our suffering worse. It is never the intention of Cosmic Intelligence to crush us, but when it gives us something or takes something from us, it places us in situations where we are made to give expression to what is best in us. For those who see no way out externally, there is always the possibility of finding a way out on the inner levels by working tirelessly with their thoughts, imagination and willpower. Each person’s destiny is a special language they must endeavour to interpret. All the obstacles and tests they encounter on their path have one purpose only – to teach them to find what they are looking for in the world of soul and spirit.