The necessity for great inner discipline

June 12th 2014
There are many ways to gain access to the spiritual world, and meditation is one. These days the practice of meditation is more and more widespread, but it can only be of benefit to those who are aware that it demands great inner discipline – control over their thoughts, their feelings and their desires. Otherwise, all they do is wander off into the lower regions of the astral plane. There, they stir up all sorts of dark layers as they go – layers inhabited by entities that are often hostile to humans – and they run the same risks as those who are unwise enough to want to go through a forest at night that’s overrun with tigers and snakes. So the practice of meditation requires that you begin by taming and redirecting your various psychological tendencies until your only aim is to improve yourself. You must be very clear about this. As soon as you are able to attune your thoughts, feelings and desires to the idea of self-improvement, the experiences you have in your inner world will be truly beneficial. Otherwise, this highly useful and profitable exercise may become a risky venture for you.