Thoughts and feelings (negative)

With which we burden others

June 14th 2014
Life is difficult, it is true, and humans are often unkind and ungrateful – that is also true. But those who go around dwelling on their ill humour and indignation show enormous selfishness, for it is an additional burden they place on the shoulders of others, who face the same difficulties they do. They think if they say nothing they are harming no one, that their ill humour concerns only themselves. Well, they need to think again! Humans are all interconnected, and when someone is continually going over and over in their head and heart all the reasons they have for being unhappy, it reflects on those they spend time with as something heavy and dark, whether they like it or not. Only on the surface does it seem as if they are not doing any harm. But in fact their thoughts and feelings send out negative currents that affect their family, their friends and the people they come across – even the animals, plants and objects around them. So they are scarcely any more innocent than the people with whom they think they have a right to be annoyed.