It can escape the effects of ageing

June 15th 2014
As people grow older, a destructive principle inevitably worms its way into their body. They cannot defeat it, but they can slow down its action nevertheless, and much more importantly they can ask themselves how they can make good use of this period of old age that’s approaching. Whatever the circumstances, there is always something that can be done. So instead of feeling bitter about the loss of their beauty and physical energy, they will say to themselves that now is the time to turn to other activities, other sources of joy. By attempting to turn inward, to dig deeper, they will cause spiritual energies to well up inside, and these energies are inexhaustible. And they should also continue to exercise their brain, which is the best of instruments. The brain does not weaken with age at the same rate as the other organs, for it is where the divine hierarchies have placed their powers. It will not become weaker as long as it has been nourished over a long period by mental activity.