That we contract by not knowing how to be disinterested

May 7th 2011
When I speak of purity, what I want to stress above all is purity of thought and feeling. To purify your thoughts and feelings, you must avoid all selfish motives and show disinterestedness and generosity as often as possible. Each time you try to take personal advantage of a situation, you become darker and contract debts that weigh you down. No human justice will come and ask you to settle your account, of course, because human justice is not concerned with thoughts and feelings, but divine Justice will send you its bailiffs, and you will have to pay your debts. ‘What?’ you will say. ‘Pay debts?’ That’s right, and they are paid on the psychic plane by means of privations and suffering. The states of inner heaviness and darkness you sometimes feel are the result of debts you have contracted. ‘But, how then can I pay them?’ With your kindness, your generosity, your self-denial. But, more importantly, try not to contract any more.