How to prepare for it

June 23rd 2014
In the morning when you wake up, your mind may be fuddled, and it may be hard for you to reconnect with the creative, luminous powers of life. It depends a great deal on how you experienced the previous day, especially the hours just before bedtime. Morning is linked to evening, evening to morning, and each of them must be prepared in advance. Just as, in the morning, you should be thinking about the coming evening, so in the evening you should be thinking about the following morning. At night it is very important, as you go to sleep, not to leave for the other world in any old state inwardly, for you are going to have to stand before the powers of heaven. So you must prepare for this journey in the contemplation and silence of your soul. And once you are in bed, if you experience any agitation, any anxiety, do not remain there. It takes great inner strength to be able to defend against this kind of disquiet when you are lying down; when you are standing it is easier to respond. So, get up, walk about for a while, slowly do a few movements, concentrate on light, and only go to bed again when you feel calm.