The effects of their behaviour on their children

June 24th 2014
On the pretext that very young children would not be aware of what is happening around them, parents are careless – they allow them to witness their lies, their upsets, their violence… And then they imagine they will be capable of bringing them up! Babies have been observed to fall ill and exhibit nervous problems as a result of their parents’ disputes, even if they have not witnessed them directly. The reason for this is that these disputes create an atmosphere of disharmony that the child senses, all the more so because it is still closely linked to its parents. The baby is not aware, but its etheric body receives the shocks. You see some parents behaving with such thoughtlessness that you cannot help wondering whether they really love their children. They, of course, will say they do. But if they loved them they would change their attitude; they would at least make the effort not to indulge in certain behaviours that have a very negative effect. As long as they do not make such an effort, they do not really love their children.