Balance (inner)

Preserving it

June 25th 2014
Medical science will continue to advance, and pharmaceutical laboratories will always manufacture new medicines. But there will still be viruses and germs, the air will still be polluted, food will still be tampered with to some degree, and most importantly terrible psychological stresses will continue to be felt in the world. So, take precautions so as not to succumb. Whatever the circumstances, try to preserve your inner world. Make a habit of looking inside yourself several times a day to make sure nothing is threatening your balance and your stability. Even if you can only devote one or two minutes to this each time, that’s fine – do it. And as soon as you sense some problem, some discomfort, do something about it. Withdraw for a moment somewhere where no one will be able to see or hear you, close your eyes, concentrate on an image that speaks to your soul, and say a formula that you know will help you regain your composure. And if you are in the street, you can stop in front of a shop window as if looking at the display, and there again, close your eyes for a few seconds as you try to withdraw into your imagination and link yourself to the world of harmony and light. Then, go on your way. By doing this, you will slowly learn how to neutralize all the negative currents within you.