Humility before the lord

Is what makes humans great

June 28th 2014
Humility does not consist in belittling oneself in front of others by saying, ‘I am nothing; I am worthless.’ True humility consists in putting the Creator first in oneself. Why? Because those who give the Lord first place in themselves benefit from all his riches. That is the deeper meaning of humility. But how few people understand this truth! And as they have not understood it, they consciously or unconsciously take a stand against the Lord and transgress his laws. If they could, they would go as far as deposing him and taking his place. But that is when they really belittle themselves, to the point where they obliterate themselves and disappear. However imperfect, human beings become truly great when they understand that despite their shortcomings they can achieve wonders, but only if they place the Lord first in their mind and in their heart. Until then, whatever they do, everything they tackle will remain mediocre. When we open ourselves to the Lord and allow him to enter into us, to manifest through us and take us into his service, that is true humility, and in this humility we grow.