Is helpful because it allows us to enter another dimension inwardly

June 30th 2014
Prayer offers us the possibility of access to another dimension, to a reality of another order. Outwardly nothing may have changed, but prayer produces great changes in the heart and soul. You will often have noticed that those people for whom praying is a natural, spontaneous thing are better equipped than others to face suffering and misfortune. Because they are able to tear themselves away from the darkness, heaviness and chaos in the world and speak with the heavenly powers, they are better able to overcome inner difficulties. When these difficulties affect a whole community, it is obviously impossible to avoid them. Take war, for example: during a war, no one is spared one way or another. But those who pray call on the powers of the spirit, and whereas the people around them become overwhelmed, they instead receive help from the light, and they can also support and encourage others.