Knowledge (true)

Leading a disciplined life is the only way to acquire it and keep it in our memory

July 1st 2014
Why would anyone not want to learn? There are so many interesting things to see, listen to and read in the world! But, all the same, rather than getting carried away through curiosity and dispersing your energy, try to accept a discipline to improve the way you live. For it is through the way we live that we attract true knowledge. Otherwise, this is what will happen: you will accumulate knowledge by all the means presently at your disposal – and there are so many! – but what your brain registers in this way you will not keep for very long. Like so many, as you get older, you will soon begin to complain of losing your memory. Yes, everything gradually fades, firstly because many of the details you have stored up during your life are really of little importance, but also because the life you are leading is not one that has a positive effect on the memory. So do not waste your time acquiring knowledge that will leave you shortly afterwards. See to it instead that you live according to the divine rules, and true memory will begin to awaken in you: everything profound and essential you have learned over the thousands of years of your different incarnations will slowly come back to your awareness.